Parlour Croquet Set

Child's Parlor Croquet Set from the early 1900s. Four mallets and four balls with wickets and end posts. Clearly used but in good shape. Perfect for a rainy day in front of the fireplace.

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Golden Oak Bench

Golden Oak Bench, circa 1890. Very nice carved detail, including claw feet and turned fluted ends on arm rests. On casters. 27"W, 19 1/2" D, 29 1/2" H, with green leather seat at approx. 19".

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Sterling Silver Tea Set

Sterling Silver Tea Set, seven pieces including tray. Simple elegance in design by Meriden Britannia Company of Meriden, Connecticut. All six serving pieces stamped, marked and numbered STERLING 785. Hallmark is an eagle with an “M” between the wings and with 4 small egg shaped ovals under the eagle. MBC bought Rogers around the turn of the century and shortly thereafter became a part of International Silver. Set includes coffee pot, hot water pot on tilting stand, tea pot, creamer, sugar and waste bowls. Each piece is monogrammed with a “C.” The six pieces weigh 8 lbs. Sterling tray is 19 1/4“ x 26” and weights 14 lbs. This tea set is extraordinary.

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Steuben Aurene Vase

Stueben Aurene Vase. Gold with bluish luster. Four dimples toward top, four nipples near bottom. Delicate and lovely. 4 1/2" H, 3" W.

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RARE Glass Globe of the world on mahogany stand

RARE Glass Globe of the world on mahogany stand. 16” diameter glass globe (labeled “Political Terrestrial Globe CRAMS Since 1867. 39” H. 22” W in frame.”

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