“Bird Form” by Ralph Hurst

“Bird Form” by Ralph Hurst, engraved Ralph Hurst 86-82. Alabaster on swivel base. 12” H, 9” W, 5” D.

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Murano Glass Sculpture by Lorendano Rossini

Murano Glass Sculpture by Lorendanoo Rossini, 25 ˝” H, 8 ˝” W. 6” D. D The glass reacts to changes in light much like an Alexandrite gem stone, going from primarily pink/rose to bluish.

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“Nene Duck” by Ralph Hurst

“Nene Duck” by Ralph Hurst. 13 ˝“ H, 11 ˝” W. Resting duck in beautiful variegated brown alabaster on marble base. Signed Ralph Hurst and numbered 23-66.

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Marble Statuary

Marble Statuary, appears to be signed signed “Kummerer,” 15” H, 6” W. Circa 1930.

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"Black Swans" by Ralph Hurst

Pair of green/black swans by Ralph Hurst cut into a very unusual alabaster. 14" H, 12" W, 9" D. Signed Ralph Hurst 34-01.

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