“Puppies at Play,” F. Gornik

“Puppies at Play,” F. Gornik (Friedrich), bronze circa 1875, 6” W x 4 ˝” D x 4 ˝” H.

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“Animal Form” by Ralph Hurst

“Animal Form” by Ralph Hurst circa 1975, alabaster on swivel base. 13” L x 5 ˝” H x 5” W.

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Painted Copper Flower Sculpture by TAKIS

Takis painted copper flower sculpture. Signed Takis, May 1992. Green with purplish delicate flower blooms and yellow stamens. 20” H, 5 ˝" W with weighted base.

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Marble statuary with bust of a lady

Marble statuary with bust of a lady. Appears to be signed G. G. Tinones. Mahogany base with claw feet and extensive detail. 47” H, 7” max W of bust. Very unusual.

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Manatee Sculpture

Manatee sculpture in bronze by J. Stanley Proctor. Beautiful patina. 11 ˝” H, 10” W, 20” L.

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